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What I (Love to) Do


I love to partner with designers to brainstorm, experiment, iterate, create proofs of concept and work out UX problems. I firmly believe that all projects should involve a technology voice from the beginning, and that the goal should be to offer creative solutions in addition to identifying problems.


I have been developing interactive applications for the web + physical environments for the last 10 years and it is my passion. The only thing that excites me more than coming up with an amazing concept is bringing it to life as a lean, tested, rock solid application that meets or exceeds design specs.


It is much harder to have an application performing well after one year than it is on day one. Meeting the deadline is only half the battle, so I strive to deploy and maintain software with thoroughly commented code, clear and concise documentation, and quick + friendly support.


ArtLens Exhibition

16 exciting new ways to explore art with technology.

Forest Friends

Calming cancer patients with an immersive environment.

Art Institute of Chicago

Delivering amazing content to your exact indoor location


An interactive exploration of baseball data.

Smithsonian Channel Mobile

Reimagining television through discovery.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

Pushing multi-user interactives to the limit.

Connections Wall

The past meets the future at Northwestern University


Various small projects exploring the intersection of design + technology


  • 2006-2008

    Life as a designer

    I graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2006 with a design degree. I began working full-time as an interactive designer, and occasionally I was given the opportunity to code some of my designs. I quickly realized I loved writing code, so I decided to take my new found passion to the next level.

  • 2008-2010

    Parsons MFADT

    I arrived at Parsons determined to get better at development and combine code with my passion for design. I learned not only the practical side of things (C++, OpenGL, Physical Computing, Full-Stack development), but also conceptual thinking, rapid prototyping and iteration. I decided to create an iPad app, Pennant, as my final thesis project. This combined three of my passions: code, design and baseball.

  • 2010-2013


    I released Pennant in early February 2011, right before MLB Spring Training. The results were more than I could have ever expected. It quickly shot up in the app store ratings and received a ton of media attention. This culminated when I received a phone call in the late spring from Apple, asking me to come to San Francisco to accept an Apple Design Award.

  • 2010-late 2011

    That Freelance Life

    Before, during and after my work on Pennant I was also involved in numerous contract + freelance jobs. I had a retainer with ESPN to design and develop interactive pages for their magazine app and I worked with SYPartners to create several internal and external digital experiences. I also created numerous experiments and art projects as both a hired developer and collaborator.

  • 2011-2017


    I began freelancing with Potion in mid-2011, and I quickly realized that I had found a place where I could work on exciting projects while learning and being challenged every day. I became a full-time developer later that year. I was named Director of Technology in 2014, and held this position until my recent departure. As Director of Technology I was involved in all aspects of Potion’s business, from scheduling and budgets to pitches and client interactions. In addition, I lead a team of 7 C++ developers working on multiple projects, authored the core frameworks and libraries used across all projects, and was the lead developer + software architect on multiple engagements.

  • 2017-Present

    West Coast

    My wife was offered an amazing job opportunity in the summer of 2017, so we made the tough decision to pack up our dog and leave NYC behind. I am currently looking for an opportunity to create amazing things on the West Coast, so if you like what you see and you want to know anything more please let me know and we can grab a coffee some time.

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